What is holding our country back?

It’s not our people. We have very talented people. It’s not really our institutions, our institutions work. What is holding back our country is the fact that we don’t have a justice system that delivers justice to the people. 

We don’t have a justice system that empowers the poor. We don’t have a justice system that can hold corrupt officials accountable. In fact, it’s the opposite. We have a justice system that tolerates if not encourages impunity, and that will always be a stumbling block to any kind of development. 

How can we solve a simple problem of traffic? Road discipline? You can’t do that unless you have road enforcement. How do you attract foreign investors into the country? When you have courts that are capable of doing anything. You can’t. How can you solve the problem of cartels? Rice cartels, criminal syndicates, all of these monopolies. You can’t solve any of those problems if you don’t have a working justice system. 

That’s the elephant in the room, nobody talks about it. It’s never been a part of the national conversation. And you’re asking why I run? That’s why I run, ‘cause I wanted it to be a part of the national conversation. I want it to be part of the national agenda. 

I definitely can’t win the election by acting like a traditional politician, which I’m not. The only way I can win the election is by being myself and by carrying the issues I’ve been carrying all my life.

- Atty. Chel Diokno

Abe Diokno