What's the 1st bill you would author if elected?

Kailangang maamyendahan natin ang ating Witness Protection Act. Maraming naglalakas-loob na humarap (na) mag-expose ng mga bilyon-bilyong (piso) ng korapsyon. Pumapasok sila sa Witness Protection Program dahil nanganganib ang buhay nila, pero hindi naman sila nakakatestigo.

They spend days, months, and years in the Witness Protection Program. They're given safe houses. They're given financial assistance, security but it's like they're the ones in jail while those who commit the crimes, those who are guilty of the corruption, are out there free! And then what happens is after years and years of staying there inside the safe house, they just give up and never testify.

What we need is an amendment to the Witness Protection Act that requires that upon admission into the program, the witness will be allowed to testify within the period of six months. Everyone he will incriminate or she will incriminate will be allowed to have a lawyer during that testimony. And that testimony will now form part of the trial, even if the trial takes places five or ten years later. We can immediately give that witness a new identity, we can immediately relocate them, and their job is done. They have exposed the corruption and we have better accountability in our country.

Ang problema kasi ay sobrang laganap ng corruption sa ating bayan.

- Atty. Chel Diokno

Abe Diokno